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Massage Therapy Services

Back Massage

Massage Therapy is a relaxing way to detoxify your body moving lymph, releasing tension, and maintaining structural balance. It is a form of holistic preventative medicine.  Massage Therapy stimulates human growth hormone to tap into the fountain of youth and keep your body young.   Muscles can hold on to stress that can precipitate further into physical pain.  With Massage, you can release muscles and stop the cycle of tension.

Medical Massage

with Christine Bridges


Medical Massage is a goal oriented massage. We will work on chronic and acute pain/concerns.  Medical Massage is a healing technique that address structural anatomical alignment along the various muscle, tendon, and ligament pathways.  While this is a direct approach to healing, it is also relaxing, slow, and safe.  We will ease into the the muscle tension in order for the body to feel safe enough to release old patterns. 

Christine reserves this service to qualified clients.  As she is an intuitive, you will receive notice upon booking.

90 minute appointment $160


Dry Brush with Exfoliating Gloves $30

DryBrush Full Body Exfoliating Glove Treatment

with Amy Lynn

Spa Products

Dry Brushing with Exfoliating Gloves is extremely relaxing.  With dry skin, you will be massaged with effleurage technique toward the heart, promoting lymph drainage and circulation. Dry layers will slough off leaving oxygen rich skin in it's place. This detoxifying modality can be done as a stand alone appointment or added to your massage. 


If done as a stand alone, a healing oil with herbs to rebuild and protect against environmental toxins will be applied after the exfoliation is done.

The gloves used are yours to take home and continue using for added benefit.

45 minute appointment with Oil Application $90

15 minute add-on to Massage $30

Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

with Amy Lynn

Shoulder Massage

Enjoy either 60 or 90 minutes of relaxing Therapeutic Massage.  Each session will be customized to the individual for optimal lymph clearing and relaxation.  

Amy has been trained in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, and in structural healing modalities. The combination of aromatherapy, reflexology and her other techniques will leave you feeling relaxed with balance. Her Massage is intentional and tranquil. 

60 minute appointment $120

90 minute appointment $150


15 minute Dry-Brush $30

Exfoliating gloves used to brush free dry skin, increase circulation, clear lymph, and decrease cellulite.

Luxury Spa Packages

Spa treatment room

Wellness Spa Retreat

Fall into your body with this complete set of healing tools.  Includes Signature Wellness Facial, 60 minute Relaxing Therapeutic Massage, and 60 minutes of Energy work: your choice of Reiki or Medical Intuitive Healing.

3.5 hour appointment $350

Luxury Choice Spa Detox

Our finest choices in body treatments include a custom Hydrofacial; hot towel hand treatment with scrub, oil, and lotion; 90 minute Relaxing Therapeutic Massage with Dry Brushing.  Detoxify naturally with these luxurious spa treatments.

3.5 hour appointment $350

One Month of Healing Services, One Price! Reach For the Sky: 

Week 1: Energy Healing with Christine Bridges

              Summer Facial with Zelle Anne

Week 2: 90 min Therapeutic Massage with Amy Lynn

Week 3: Astrology BirthChart Reading with Candi 

              60 min Therapeutic Massage with Amy Lynn

Week 4: 60 min Reiki Energy Healing with Elisabeth

              Summer Facial with Zelle Anne

Total Price $775 (valued over $1,000)

I've seen Christine for 8 years. Her massages are the best I've had. When necessary she does energy work also, realigning chakras. She is knowledgeable in homeopathic supplements. She works with my schedule for appointments. She is kind and caring.
I recommend Christine for your wellness needs.

Joyce W.

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