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   Energy Healing Services


At Universal Energy Wellness Spa, we have several modalities of Energy Healing to offer you. Each one is unique to what the individual needs are.  Energy Work is profound and powerful.  Results vary and may be felt immediately or over 72 hours. In every modality, you will lay flat on a comfortable table, clothes are left on, and the room will be tranquil.

Christine is a wonderworker. She has helped me on my journey more than any practitioner has. Every session is so enlightening and healing. Anyone that is able to see Christine and have her work on them is truly blessed.  The magic and deep energy healing that occurs is quite phenomenal. The atmosphere is always very welcoming, personal and spiritually true. I've been seeing her for the past 5 years and after each session I have so many more tools and essences to continue to heal on my own and live a beautiful, authentic life. I've had deep traumas and experiences in this life that Christine has helped me through so much, I am so grateful!

Julie K.

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