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   Energy Healing Services


At Universal Energy Wellness Spa, we have several modalities of Energy Healing to offer you. Each one is unique to what the individual needs are.  In every modality, you will lay flat on a comfortable table, clothes are left on, and the room will be dim and tranquil.

What We


Initial Energy Healing 
& Consult

with Christine

Through Guides and God, Christine as a medical intuitive, will help your body release traumas and information that can be stuck- creating disease or discomfort. Your unique session includes: energetic organ alignment for optimal draining and function, structural alignment to assess any physical imbalances, trauma pulling, past life regressions,  herbal and homeopathic remedy suggestions that may help nourish, chakra balancing to retrain energetic balance, and rife frequencies to boost healing. Session includes intake, resources, and bodywork. 

2 hour appointment $250

For New Clients Only.


Reiki Energy Healing
with Elisabeth

Your Reiki Healing session will leave you feeling calm, grounded, and with less pain.  Studies have shown that Reiki Healing reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes healthy sleep patterns. It can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and even help connections in the brain for clients experiencing the effects of Alzheimer's disease. Reiki was developed over a hundred years ago by a Buddhist Monk in Japan.  This emotional and physical healing technique is one of the most studied energy modalities within modern science.

60 minute appointment $120


Cards of Destiny Report
and Interpretation
with Jennifer

Cards of Destiny is over 400 year old system using Astrology and Numerology through a deck of playing cards.  Each card is assigned to a birth date explaining characteristics and experiences held throughout the year.  Jennifer will provide her interpretation of your report that will be emailed to you before your virtual appointment. This chart will help guide you as a reference throughout the coming year.


Initial Report with Virtual

25 minute Interpretation $110

Subsequent Report with Virtual

15 minute Interpretation $100


Subsequent Energy Healing
& Consult

with Christine

This follow up appointment is recommended only after your Initial Energy Healing session.  Christine, as a medical intuitive, will again be guided by Guides and God to get into the next layers your body feels safe and ready to heal. We will address any changes that may have occurred, go further into structural and visceral alignment, use more of the many rife frequencies to help boost healing, past life regressions to bring awareness, and shift into any new herbal or homeopathic remedies used at home. 


60 minute appointment $120

90 minute appointment $150 


Astrological Birth Chart & Transit Birth Chart Reading
with Candi

Explore the depths of your astrological chart with a personalized natal chart reading.  This is a customized virtual appointment. We use prayer cards, karmic cards, your natal chart and more combined with accurate intuition to delve into compatibility with a synastry analysis, or gain insights into current cosmic influences with transit readings.  Help guide your choices in the opportunities that God gives you.

60 minute virtual natal

BirthChart reading - $150

45 minute virtual transit

BirthChart reading -$120

(after initial natal BirthChart reading) 

Christine is a wonderworker. She has helped me on my journey more than any practitioner has. Every session is so enlightening and healing. Anyone that is able to see Christine and have her work on them is truly blessed.  The magic and deep energy healing that occurs is quite phenomenal. The atmosphere is always very welcoming, personal and spiritually true. I've been seeing her for the past 5 years and after each session I have so many more tools and essences to continue to heal on my own and live a beautiful, authentic life. I've had deep traumas and experiences in this life that Christine has helped me through so much, I am so grateful!

Julie K.

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